Uncompromisingly Secure, and Well Connected

Cloud9 brings the ease of communicating and connecting via consumer-based apps to the enterprise so traders and trading teams can talk to counterparties instantly. The enterprise-ready application uses the cloud and WebRTC to eliminate proprietary hardware and expensive private lines.

Comprehensively Compliant
  • Integrated Call Recording
    • Admins can turn recording on or off based on business requirements.
    • Sophisticated call records and search capabilities on a trader by trader basis.
    • Can integrate with your firm's recording infrastructure via Cloud9's platform APIs.
  • Complies With Major Regulatory Initiatives
    • Complies with ISO 27001, SOC2, SEC, FTC/CFTC, and MIFID 2.
    • Full audit logs of data and recording for trade reconstruction and administrative audits.
Enterprise Grade Security
  • End-to-Encryption
    • Data is secure in transit and at rest.
    • Decryption occurs at each end point.
    • Encryption keys are established with each call.
  • Secure User Access
    • Access is specific to device.
    • Password protection.
    • IP restrictions.
    • Users access C9 over a TLS connection (Transport Layer Security Protocol).
  • Secure Data Transfer
    • All voice packets are encrypted using Secure RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol).
    • Transferred via a secure private connection.
  • Permission-based User Access
    • Nine security levels.
    • Two factor authentication.
    • Full audit and tracking capabilities.
Simplified Infrastructure
  • Mobility With Compliance
    • Trade anywhere there's internet.
    • Maintain seamless connections with your trading team and counterparties.
    • Fully compliant with recordings and call analytics.
  • Built in Business Continuity
    • Eliminate Capex costs at business contnuity sites.
    • Trade remotely with compliance when unable to access the trading floor or BCP site.
  • Easy to Manage and Deploy
    • Deploy as a simple, Saas-based application.
    • Easily manage your global trading environment with the Cloud9 portal.
    • Improve your operating expense model with simple per user pricing.
    • Scale your number of users up, or down, based on your business needs.
  • Global Community of Counterparties
    • Access the Cloud9 directory, create invitations, and connect instantly.
Integrated and Interoperable
  • Restful Platform APIs
    • Easily integrate Cloud9 into existing or third party applications with Cloud9 Web services APIs.
    • Leverage real-time transactional data for transcription, storage, and trade reconstruction.
    • Connect to workflow, market data, and messaging services with platform interfaces.
    • Integrate with active directory and single sign on solutions.
  • Telephony Gateway Support
    • Cloud9's Gateway Services provide connection to counterparties using private lines and legacy telephony services.
  • Unified Communication Integration
    • Dial tone access through existing UCC infrastrcuture.
    • Support for Cisco Call Manager
    • Federation with Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync).
    • Outlook integration for simplified contact management.

The Cloud9 Cloud

Cloud9 transforms the way financial communities collaborate around the globe. Our platform delivers workflow efficiency via APIs that support interoperability between platforms and integration with market data, security, and compliance solutions.



UCC for the Financial Sector

Technology Stack

Future proof architecture

Partner Ecosystem

Best in class integrations

High Available Service

UCC Interoperability
Voice Analytics
Cloud Embedded
Trade Reconstruction and Compliance
Disaster Recovery
Recording and Storage
Voice Enabled

High Available Service

UCC Interoperability
Voice Analytics
Cloud Embedded
Trade Reconstruction and Compliance
Disaster and Recovery
Recording and Storage
Voice Enabled

Cloud9’s technology is a very important advancement for the industry. It allows us to rethink our communication strategy for traders, and with it the economics of communication.

Rick Smith
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Inc.

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