You can use your existing computer audio devices or a variety of microphone and speaker devices to start communicating on Cloud9 – it’s customizable to the way you like to trade.

Upon starting your C9 Trader, the program will detect your microphone, speaker, and handset devices (if applicable). If you wish to adjust these devices or select a different device at any time, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Audio Devices tab.

Microphone Audio

Under the section titled Microphone Audio you can set your audio input and output.  Using the dropdown, select the microphone you wish to use.  Next select the volume level for your microphone using the slider, or you can select the setting to automatically adjust your volume levels.  Additional audio boost can also be added to amplify your voice once it’s picked up by the microphone.

Next you will want to select your speakers by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting the audio output device you wish to use.

If you would like to test your speaker volume, press the play button to do a quick sound check.

Handset Audio

If you use a handset with your Cloud9 trader set up, you will want to ensure that your you adjust your audio settings as well for your handset volume by following the same steps above.  You will also want to test your audio levels as well to ensure your handset devic

Notification & Alert Devices

In the Notification and Alert Device segment, you can select the device that will transmit a ring when someone signals you on a ring down connection. Click the play button to test that the device is working properly.

Button Volume

Instead of adjusting the master volume on your computer or setting the volume in the Audio Devices tab, you have the ability to adjust the volume of your individual buttons on the main screen of your C9 Trader. This gives you more control over which of your counterparties you want to hear at a given time.

When hovering the mouse over any of your buttons, you will see a scroll bar appear on the right side of the button, showing you the existing volume setting. You can adjust the volume by using the scroll wheel or by clicking and dragging the slider.

If you mute your counterparty by reducing their volume below an audible level, a red indicator will display on the button.

Note: If using a button board, your volume may also be adjusted via the volume knobs on the board.

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