One of the most important administrative duties is adding new users to the Cloud9 platform. In the Users Tab in the Cloud9 Portal, you can add, edit, and delete users, as well as set their portal and administrative privileges, assign neighbors, modify groups, and reset user passwords.

Add User

In the Users Tab, click Add User. Fill out their form with name and contact information, and set their Login username.

You can also set features like the user’s privacy, if they are restricted to Cloud9 use by IP address, enable or disable voice recording for their calls, and global mute, which mutes the channel audio on all speakers when switching to a handset.

Click add user when complete.

If you ever need to delete a user, navigate to the main Users tab and click the Delete User button.

Edit User Settings and Privileges

To update any user’s settings, first click their name, and then click on the appropriate tab. If you ever would like to Edit User information, for example, click their name and then Edit User.

To make a user a portal administrator, click the User’s name and select “Edit Admin Level”. Here you can use the drop down to select their admin privilege, the IP addresses this user can log in from, and if two-factor login is enabled.

Modify Buttons and Edit Neighbors

To manage the buttons on a user’s C9 Trader dashboard, click Edit Buttons. Here you can see the current buttons this user has, and you can search your firm’s existing connections.

To add a button from this list of connections, check the box or boxes on the left. When you check the box, a corresponding button will display at the top of the page. Hit Done to save.

Here you can also edit the neighbors of a particular user – or the fellow Cloud9 users that sit in close proximity to the user. This feature prevents users from hearing their own voice coming through neighboring speakers.

Click the Edit Neighbors tab, and choose neighbors from the list by selecting their name and then Add User as Neighbor.

If desks are moved, you can also remove existing neighbors in this tab.

When a user is working remotely, be sure they select “I’m Working Remotely” upon logging into their C9 Trader. This disables the neighbor feature, so users who share connections with their neighbors will now be able to communicate succe

Edit Groups

By clicking on the Edit Groups tab, you can assign or remove users from particular groups. In the left column, you can select a firm user that you wish to add to a group and then click the blue Add User to Group Button, and click the green Done button when your actions are complete.

You can also remove users from a group on this screen by selecting the user, and then clicking on the red Remove User From Group button.  Again, here you will click the Green Done button when your update has been completed.

Reset Passwords

To send a user an email prompting them to change their password, click on a user and then the Reset Password button.

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