Managing and creating buttons is easy with the C9 Trader. We like to say its as simple as adding someone to an instant messenger! Learn how to create buttons, use and create group buttons, and manage your button settings.

Creating Buttons

Using the Cloud9 Community, connecting and communicating with counterparties has never been easier. To begin making a connection, click on the Community tab.

In the Community, you can start building your connections by selecting the trading desk you would like to connect with under the Create Invitation tab. You can scroll through the list, or you can also use the search function at the top of the page to quickly find counterparties in the Cloud9 Global Directory.

Once you find the firm you’re looking for, click the firm name. The groups within this firm will display in the right screen, and often refer to the various trading desks within that firm. Click the down arrow to find out more information about each group and where it is located.

Once you find the group you are looking for, click the invite button to create an invitation to this counterparty.

This will open the Create an Invitation Window. If you have more than one group at your own firm, select the group that will be connecting with the counterparty you have chosen.

Next, choose the type of connection you wish to establish – either a shout down or ring down.

  • Shout down: an open line where everyone assigned to this connection will hear you the moment you hit your button.
  • Ring down: works like a traditional phone call, where the button rings on the far end and the talk path is not established until the far end answers.

Then, use the field to name the button that will display on your C9 Trader as well as the button that will display on counterparty’s screen. This new connection will be visible on your C9 Trader app and you can start communicating after your counterparty accepts your invitation.

Note: You should notify your counterparty to accept within 24 hours to prevent the invitation from expiring.

Managing Buttons

The My Buttons tab in the Community window enables you to manage all of your contact buttons. On this tab you can:

  • Reorder Button Layout: Click and drag a button to change its location on your C9 Trader.
  • Relabel Buttons: Type the new name in the label field at the bottom of the screen.
  • Delete Buttons: Click the trashcan icon on any button.
  • Get Detailed Subscriber Information for Each Button: Select a button, and information including the name of the button, button type, and users that share the connection will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Group Broadcast Buttons

In addition to shouting to a single counterparty, Group Broadcast buttons, located at the bottom of the C9 Trader, enable you to shout down to multiple connections at once.

When a Group Broadcast button is selected, it will open your microphone to all of the mapped buttons.

If your counterparty responds, the conversation is still one to one. The other counterparties in the group cannot hear the conversation.

When shouting down to a group of assigned counterparties, you can disconnect from a specific counterparty by clicking on the button assigned to that counterparty. This will disconnect that line without disconnecting all the counterparties associated with the group.

This function is important in a scenario where you are shouting out to a group of individuals and would like to drop a participant from the activity in progress.

Note: During group broadcast, if you click on a counterparty that is not assigned to the group, all counterparties will disconn

Managing Group Buttons

In Settings, the Broadcast Groups menu enables you to set up and name your Group Buttons, used to shout to multiple counterparties at once.

Users can create up to four different groups. The first drop down menu enables you to select which of the four groups you want to edit.

You also have the ability to rename is group within the textbox. Please note that group names can only consist of alpha-numeric characters.

Up to six different buttons can be assigned to a group. Those buttons are selected via the drop down menus below the group button name. Only connections that are currently on your user interface will be selectable.

Groups are automatically saved once each selection is made.

Note: Ring Down connections cannot be assigned to a group.

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