Cloud9 and EY to Host Virtual Roundtable on Distributed Compliance in Today’s Institutional Trading Ecosystem

Cloud9 and EY to Host Virtual Roundtable on Distributed Compliance in Today’s Institutional Trading Ecosystem

Cloud9 Technologies and EY have announced a series of virtual roundtables that will examine compliance, data management and cloud deployment best practices for the institutional community.

The first of these virtual events will take place on Thursday, April 8 at 10 am ET and will examine the following issues:

  • The shifting approach to compliance in what has become a more virtual environment comprised of a distributed workforce
  • Shifting dynamics of voice trading and data capture from a compliance perspective
  • The growing importance of establishing a robust community of partners
  • Differences in the way asset managers, banks and brokers need to approach the distributed compliance process
  • Key developments that will drive an efficient compliance process in an ongoing virtual landscape

The event will feature the following panelists:

  • Moderator: Gráinne McNamara, Principal, EY
  • Matt Smith, CEO, SteelEye
  • Phil Fry, VP of Product Strategy, Verint
  • Leo Papadopoulos, Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Cloud9 Technologies

If you’re interested in attending the virtual event, please reach out to to reserve your spot.

Cloud9 at the Tabb Fintech Festival

Cloud9 at the Tabb Fintech Festival

Cloud9 at the Tabb Fintech Festival

Cloud9 participated in the Tabb Fintech Festival, where we had the chance to both exhibit our products and feature our CTO, Leo Papadopoulos on the “Next Generation Operations for the Cloud” panel.

The panel was a dynamic discussion about what fintech firms should consider when moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud, including:

  • The different architectural models for the cloud – public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud, etc – and what is the best option for firms.
  • Challenges and benefits of multi-cloud environments.
  • Considerations like data storage and security.
  • How to run, operate, and manage the cloud at scale.

You can see Tabb’s post-panel interview with Leo Papadopoulos here, which goes into detail on the blurring lines between public and private cloud, the viability of multi-cloud architectures, and how the cloud enables innovation for firms.

You can see some more photos of the panel, our Cloud9 booth, and amazing team below!

Tabb Fintech Festival Panel

Leo Papadopoulos (second from right) with the rest of the Next Generation Operations for Cloud panel.

Leo and Jack at Tabb Fintech Festival

Cloud9’s Jack Barry and Leo Papadopoulos

Leo at Tabb Fintech Festival

Leo speaks to conference attendees.

Samantha at Tabb Fintech Festival

Cloud9’s Samantha Coyne networking with attendees.

Tabb Fintech Festival Booth

Kevin Gurl, John Galligan, and Corry Starr at the Cloud9 booth with some of our famous footballs!

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We’re Speaking at Tabb Fintech Festival – Come See Us!

We invite you to join us Thursday, November 2nd at the Tabb Fintech Festival! The event brings together leading innovators and technologists who are driving the FinTech economy forward. 

Leo Papadopoulos will be speaking from 2:45 – 3:20 pm at the session Next-Generation Operations for the Cloud, where he and the rest of the panel will explore the challenges of cloud implementation in the capital markets as well as the methods that enable firms to operate in the cloud with security and confidence.

Sign up for the event here:

In addition to seeing Leo speak, please be sure to visit our table at the event to learn more about Cloud9, check out our latest products, and grab some giveways – including our famous footballs!

If you are a current Cloud9 customer, we have a limited number of complimentary registrations, so please reach out to your salesperson if you are interested in attending.

Interested in getting a demo of Cloud9? Contact a salesperson today.

Event Highlights: Machine Learning Meetup with Google and Quantiphi

Cloud9 recently hosted a machine learning technology meetup alongside Google and Quantiphi, one of the top data science companies. The event, “Applying Machine Learning Technologies for your Business,” took place in front of a capacity crowd at the Google NYC offices composed of representatives from major financial services firms, technologists, and industry consultants.

The speakers, which included Lukman Ramsey from Google, Asif Hasan from Quantiphi, and German Soto Sanchez from Cloud9, discussed how businesses can take advantage of the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

See highlights from the event:


During the event, we debuted our Cloud9 Voice Transcription solution, which enables firms to harness the insight in their trader voice recordings and data by accurately transcribing calls in near real-time.

This solution, developed with cutting-edge deep learning technology in partnership with Quantiphi and utilizing Google’s TensorFlow technology, will revolutionize the compliance process for firms, powering advanced surveillance as well as advanced analytics capabilities.

An attendee of the event – Richard Bryant, a fixed income trader and capital markets executive with over 20 years of trading experience – said of the live demonstration:

“Cloud9 Trader Voice Transcription will be game-changing for this industry. To hear an actual trader voice call and then to see the model identify the complex jargon and precisely transcribe the conversation is truly remarkable.  Up until now, since many had promised and failed to provide such a solution, I did not think this was remotely feasible.”

Interested in learning more about Cloud9’s groundbreaking transcription solution? Contact a Cloud9 Salesperson to get a demo today!

Webinar Replay: Managing Your Firm’s Reputational Risk with Modern Technology

In our latest webinar, Cloud9 brought together capital markets and compliance industry experts from Greenwich Associates and Behavox to discuss the role and future of technology in helping firms manage risk and optimize compliance.

Panelists included:

  • Kevin McPartland: Head of Market Structure and Technology Research at Greenwich Associates
  • Erkin Adylov: CEO of Behavox
  • German Soto-Sanchez: Global Head of Corporate Development at Cloud9 Technologies

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here.

The panelists contributed to an engaging conversation about the ability of new technologies to capture and analyze voice data to enhance the compliance process.

The audience, which consisted of brokers, traders, and IT managers from a number of top-tier financial institutions, also shared their views on compliance challenges at their firm and where they were most likely to implement innovation.

During the call, three key insights emerged:

  • Voice is still crucial to relationship building in the capital markets, and it is now easier to regulate thanks to technological advances.
  • Firms are most likely to implement cloud-related innovation for compliance and communications services.
  • Transcription and trade reconstruction are the largest trade-related compliance challenges for the capital markets.

Voice and Trader Relationship Building

In a recent Greenwich Associates report, 70% of institutional investors confirmed that the level they trust their brokers impacts how they direct their trades.

Since the financial crisis, firms have been looking a lot more closely at managing reputation risk, even ranking it as high in importance as market and operational risk. Trader voice calls and human relationships still remain crucial in most financial markets, however trying to manage risk in that environment can be challenging, especially with the current regulatory mandates.

As Behavox CEO, Erkin Adylov explained, “Sell-side as well as buy-side are still utilizing phone calls to communicate with each other. That’s where there is a point of risk for a lot of institutions that are trying to capture voice, but also analyze and make sense of it from a reputational risk perspective.”

German Soto-Sanchez, Global Head of Corporate Business Development at Cloud9 Technologies elaborates: “Voice communications is crucial to the trading relationship for three reasons. First – voice is the most natural form of interaction. Second – when you deal with complex transactions, things like structured products, you require voice. Third – which is potentially the most important – developments in technology are now facilitating the ability to get much more out of the voice conversation than ever before.”

With new cloud-based as well as machine learning technologies, firms now have the ability to treat voice as data – facilitating a number of compliance functions like surveillance, biometrics, and transcription that can help mitigate risk and assist with the trade reconstruction requirements of regulations like MiFID II.

Firms Implement Cloud for Compliance and Communication Services

As the panelists discussed over the course of the webinar, banks seem to be increasingly more receptive to cloud technology as it becomes safer, improves their communications, and enhances their data-gathering capabilities for compliance. Rather than spending millions of dollars on back office investigators, lawyers, and intelligence officers to sort through and monitor trader communications, firms can now implement a software-based solution.

In a poll conducted during the webinar, 60% responded that they were most likely to implement cloud-related innovation at their firm for communications, with 40% most likely to implement for compliance.

“Thanks to the cloud we’re able to lower the total cost of ownership, deployment is much easier, you have inherent disaster recovery, and you have the ability to have enhanced surveillance, compliance, and analytics,” said Soto-Sanchez, outlining the many benefits of the cloud. “The regulatory authorities and the government are using the cloud also –  if it’s good enough for the government and good enough for FINRA, then you can feel comfortable that it is safe and secure for your institution as well.”

For those firms who have not yet made the transition to the the cloud, Adylov says, “Seeing Goldman Sachs talking about how they use Amazon Web Services should be a pretty big clue about the importance of cloud for large financial institutions. As senior management starts recognizing the impact that the cloud is going to have on ROE, I think the industry is going to have to start shifting into the cloud, because that’s going to be a key competitive advantage.”

Transcription and Trade Reconstruction are a Challenge for Firms

Attendees surveyed during the webinar responded that transcription and trade reconstruction were the top trade-related compliance challenges for their firm, both tied at 44%. Much of this frustration is due to the the limitations of many solutions when it comes to the recording and analysis of trader voice.

“Under the existing legacy infrastructure, your ability to harness data is very limited, and we believe that’s unacceptable,” said Soto-Sanchez.

Due to recent developments in machine learning and voice recognition technology, complete and accurate trader voice transcription is becoming more of a reality.

“Off the shelf transcription solutions today are very ineffective for the kind of dialogue and vernacular that gets used in the conversations around trading, and existing speech APIs probably have accuracy rates in the teens,” explains Soto-Sanchez. “But the difficulty of transcription is starting to change now for a few reasons: Number 1 is the technology – firms have made significant investments in speech recognition technology. Number 2 – you have data. Specifically, the kind of data you need to develop the kind of sophisticated speech recognition models that you need for this space.”

Erkin went on to explain how compliance analytics platforms like Behavox are already changing the game when it comes to the type of data and information that can be extracted by voice. With a model that analyzes phone records, they detect suspicious activity, such as whispering, with a precision of 93%.

Adylov went on to explain the other benefits of trader voice analysis, “Not only can I tell you where there are instances of whispering, but I can also tell you if there is laughter on the phone call, if there is mention of high value keywords,  if it an engaging conversation or not – it starts revealing a lot of useful information for also managing your salesforce or for retaining and training employees for HR purposes. The use cases for the data set are infinite and they are genuinely transformative for the organization.”

While it may sound like something out of science fiction, the technology and platforms already exist to help firms manage their reputation risk with enhanced trade reconstruction and analytics.

As regulatory mandates continue to change and evolve, the future will be defined by institutions that are leveraging this kind of modern technology and running their organization in a data-driven way.

Watch the recorded webinar here to listen to the full discussion.

Cloud9 Wins Best Sell-Side Trading Communication System Award for Second Year

Cloud9 Wins Best Sell-Side Trading Communication System Award for Second Year

We’re proud to announce that Cloud9 has won Best Sell-Side Trading Communication System at the 2017 WatersTechnology Sell-Side Technology Awards for the second year in a row!

Cloud9 CTO, Leo Papadopoulos, accepted the award at the ceremony, which took place April 5 at the New York Marriott Marquis. SST Award Banner 2017 (3)

“Over the last year we have introduced a number of exciting new features to the platform to provide traders with a better workflow, keep them more secure, and help streamline their compliance process,” said Papadopoulos. “It’s an honor to be recognized for these achievements by members of the industry and to be distinguished for the second year in a row as a leader in trader voice communications.”

Each year, the Sell-Side Technology Awards recognizes leading technologies and third-party vendors in their area of expertise. Winners are determined by a panel of eight judges, consisting of four sell-side CIOs/consultants and four of Waters magazine’s senior staff members. To win the Best Sell-Side Trading Communications System, products must feature design simplicity, user-friendliness, high availability, support for simultaneous incoming and outbound calls, and voice recording.

Over the last year, Cloud9 has continued to innovate, launching interoperability features like Click to Call and pioneering voice capture and analytics for compliance. These features have set Cloud9 apart in the market and have fundamentally changed the way that the capital markets think about trader voice communication.

See below for some photos from the ceremony:


Nate Grimshaw, Leo Papadopoulos, and Carly Kilgore with our Sell-Side Technology Award!

kerri strug

Former US Olympic Gymnast, Kerri Strug, gave the keynote speech

Sell-Side Trading Communication System - Cloud9 Technologies

Nate Grimshaw, Kerri Strug, Leo Papadopoulos, and Carly Kilgore with our Sell-Side Technology Award

Learn more about how Cloud9 is integrating with third-party providers to form a robust voice capture and analytics platform.