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Virtual Roundtables

Join Cloud9 and EY as we host a series of virtual roundtables examining compliance, data management and cloud deployment best practices for the institutional community.

Smart Cloud Deployment & Mission-Critical Services

Hear panelists from Google Cloud, Symphony and Cloud9 examine the importance behind smart cloud deployment and the mission-critical services that support trading and cloud-based workflows:

  • What the cloud deployment process looks like today and how it is changing as companies continue to adopt a more hybrid working culture that leverages a virtual trading floor
  • How firms should be approaching security in the cloud and what do they need to do now to ensure they’re ready for the start of 2022
  • How the cloud is empowering businesses to scale more seamlessly and the precautions businesses need to take when shifting to a cloud environment
  • The changes that are taking place in the price discovery process and its impact on wider adoption of the cloud
  • The biggest changes expected to take place amidst the growing reliance on cloud deployment, hybrid cloud, and even multi-cloud environments in 2022

The Value of Voice Data in Today’s Institutional Trading Ecosystem

Hear panelists from Sphere, NICE Actimize and Cloud9 as they discuss:

  • The shift to a more distributed and virtual working environment and the impact on firms’ ability to leverage voice capture and storage solutions
  • The benefits of working in the cloud as opposed to on-prem when capturing and storing voice data
  • Industry challenges and approaches for capturing data from phone, video and IM conversations
  • Standardizing voice metadata in the financial sector
  • Forecast: next major steps that financial institutions need to take to ensure they are optimizing the value of their voice data

Distributed Compliance in Today’s Institutional Trading Ecosystem

Hear panelists from EY, Verint, SteelEye and Cloud9 as they examine:

  • The shifting approach to compliance in what has become a more virtual environment comprised of a distributed workforce
  • Shifting dynamics of voice trading and data capture from a compliance perspective
  • The growing importance of establishing a robust community of partners
  • Differences in the way asset managers, banks and brokers need to approach the distributed compliance process
  • Key developments that will drive an efficient compliance process in an ongoing virtual landscape


Tune into the Cloud9 Podcast Series as we explore the latest developments in the institutional voice trading ecosystem with industry peers

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