Cloud9 at the Tabb Fintech Festival

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Events

Cloud9 at the Tabb Fintech Festival

by Nov 20, 2017Events

Cloud9 participated in the Tabb Fintech Festival, where we had the chance to both exhibit our products and feature our CTO, Leo Papadopoulos on the “Next Generation Operations for the Cloud” panel.

The panel was a dynamic discussion about what fintech firms should consider when moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud, including:

  • The different architectural models for the cloud – public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud, etc – and what is the best option for firms.
  • Challenges and benefits of multi-cloud environments.
  • Considerations like data storage and security.
  • How to run, operate, and manage the cloud at scale.

You can see Tabb’s post-panel interview with Leo Papadopoulos here, which goes into detail on the blurring lines between public and private cloud, the viability of multi-cloud architectures, and how the cloud enables innovation for firms.

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