Beep Tone and Color Theme Changes Now Available on the C9 Trader

by | Jun 22, 2017 | News, Product Updates

The latest update of the C9 Trader includes beep tone, an important feature for compliance, and the ability to further customize your C9 Trader platform. Read more about the new updates below.

Beep Tone

North American call recording regulations currently require two-party notification for recording of trade calls. The upcoming MiFID II regulations will also, in some instances, require the user recording the call to notify all participants.

To meet these regulations, the C9 Trader can now notify distant-end parties that a call is being recorded by using an audible beep tone. The tone will be supported for shoutdown and ringdown connections and can be enabled by administrators on a user level in the Cloud9 Administrative Portal. All recordings will include the beep.

The C9 Trader will display a red triangular icon on the top right corner of the user’s buttons to indicate an active beep tone. In addition, users can right click on the button to see which user(s) generated the beep tone – a red dot to the left of the name will indicate the button subscriber with beep tone enabled.


The C9 Trader now offers two color schemes and a selection of accent colors for users to customize their application.

Upon launching Version for the first time, the user is prompted to select a theme – Dark, which features a black background, or Classic, with the original blue background. Users can also select an accent color from the following options: Pink, Light Sea Green, Deep Sky Blue, Dodger Blue, Goldenrod, and Chocolate.

If you would like to change your theme in the future, navigate to the Settings menu and select Theme.

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