C9Trader Stratus and CloudHub: the Institutional Voice Trading Engine

by | Feb 18, 2021 | News

Cloud9 Technologies’ recent introduction of its new C9Trader Stratus user interface and CloudHub device are playing a pivotal role in fueling anytime, anywhere voice trading capabilities. By providing greater flexibility and optionality, C9Trader Stratus and CloudHub are ensuring that today’s institutional trader has unparalleled access to the virtual trading floor of tomorrow. 

C9Trader Stratus

Designed from the ground up, the new robust C9Trader Stratus interface combines both traditional turret functionality with new, innovative and customizable features to deliver a superior user experience. Traders now have the ability to customize content to their unique requirements and complex workflows in a logical way – allowing them to instantly connect with any global trading partner – anywhere, anytime.

  • More efficient workflows – Enhanced Page View allows you to organize your buttons to suit your workflow, prioritize incoming calls and see shared line desk activity via the Favorites Panel, and leverage the new Call Wells to manage your call activity on individual devices in one central location. 
  • New and improved features – Intuitive features built for complex workflows like dial-tone integration, prioritize incoming calls, and greater visibility across all team members’ activities.
  • Cloud Dial Tone – Provides a dial tone vendor-neutral method of interworking with premise-based, hosted, and UC solutions. Also provides common sharing of PSTN services for remotely located users that need to collaborate as a single group.

C9Trader Stratus


Designed to meet the unique requirements and workflows of the Cloud9 community, the new CloudHub provides a unified user experience between the enhanced C9Trader Stratus software and hardware. With a full suite of voice trader capabilities, the CloudHub is a low-cost legacy replacement that provides an unrivaled audio experience and customizable features to suit any trading style.