Cloud9 Offering Regional Hosting For Gateway

by | Sep 20, 2016 | News, Product Updates

Cloud9 is now offering regional hosting for our Gateway service in Houston and London, in addition to existing hosted Gateway offerings in New York, Chicago, and Singapore.  In addition to the ability to get rid of your legacy telephony equipment and still connect with all of your counterparties, regional hosting will also help you lower your private line costs that connect to counterparties in those regions.

The Cloud9 Gateway service provides system interoperability between existing trader voice circuits and the Cloud9 com­munity by converting traditional telephony lines to WebRTC protocol.  Existing Cloud9 users can seamlessly connect with trading firms not yet established on Cloud9 platform and maintain their functionality for both shout-downs and ring downs.

One of our customers, Eclipse International, recently spoke about how the Gateway allowed them to eliminate hardware, save money, and stay connected with their key counterparties.

“We love using Cloud9, and the Gateway allows us to use it exclusively to connect with our most important clients,” says Jesse DiPlacido, Senior OTC Broker at Eclipse. “As much as we appreciate the Gateway, we can’t wait for the day when we don’t use it – because that means all of our counterparties are on Cloud9.”

If you’re interested in bringing the Gateway to your firm, please contact us.

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