Cloud9 Introduces Gateway Service to Promote Interoperability With Turrets

by | May 2, 2016 | News, Product Updates

Cloud9 is now introducing Gateway: a service enabling traders to toss their turrets but still stay connected with counterparties, even if they are not yet using Cloud9.

The Cloud9 Gateway service provides system interoperability between existing trader voice circuits and the Cloud9 com­munity by converting traditional TDM T1/E1 to WebRTC protocol.  Cloud9 users can seamlessly connect with trading firms not yet established on Cloud9’s service and maintain their functionality for both shout-downs and ring downs.

The Gateway Service supports two deployment models: hosted or on-premises. Both configurations offer various features and benefits, although Cloud9 recommends reviewing your technical and support needs to determine which option is best for your firm.

Advantages of the Cloud9 Gateway service include:

  • Ability to expand your trading network and connect to counterparties on and off Cloud9.
  • Rapid migration from trading turrets onto the Cloud9 service
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities by giving firms the ability to maintain connectivity during disaster scenarios.

Hosted Service

The hosted gateway option allows Cloud9 users to access traditional trader voice circuits by connecting their circuits to Cloud9 at a hosted facility. Pricing for this service is on a per month basis.

Benefits of a Hosted Service Include:

  • Best support model for firms looking to relocate offices while transitioning to Cloud9.
  • Circuits can be accessed by Cloud9 users within the firm from any location once they are connected to carriers.
  • Ease of management by deploying inside a controlled data center environment vs on-premise.
  • Loss of Internet or catastrophic event has no effect on operations due to redundancy within an off-site facility.
  • Upgrades, patches and new features are included.

On-Premise Service

The on-premise service option is for customers that prefer not to move their existing trader voice circuits to a hosted data center. It also requires that a suitable IT environment be established for installing the Cloud9 gateway. This service option also gives customers a choice to purchase the service through monthly recurring fees, or as a single one-time charge.

Benefits for The On-Premise Service Include:

  • No requirement to coordinate circuit relocation with telecom carriers – lines can be managed on site.
  • Available for Cloud9 customers regardless of location.
  • Upgrades, patches and new features are included.