Cloud9 Recording Options Offer Flexibility for Firms

by | Nov 2, 2016 | News, Product Updates

Voice recording and storage are essential for regulatory compliance in the financial services industry. Understanding the various regulations, such as MiFID II, as well as internal processes each firm is subject to, Cloud9 offers a number of options for firms to customize their experience and securely store their call recordings.

Firms can choose from a solution hosted in our cloud environment or integrate Cloud9 with their on-premise recording vendors.

Cloud9 Hosted Recording

Cloud9 Portal

– Access recordings at any time via the Recording tab in the Cloud9 Customer Portal.

– Recordings are protected with triple encryption, keeping them secure in transit as well as at rest on the Amazon Web Services server where they are stored.

– Conforms to major regulatory compliance initiatives, including the retention and recording obligations of MiFID II:

  • Recording: All call activity from the C9 Trader is recorded and can be retained for an indefinite amount of time and can be transcribed so firms can uncover name, numbers, quantity of financial instruments bought or sold, and prices.
  • Call Metadata: Cloud9 captures call data on all calls including date and time of call, call duration, the name of the firms engaged on a call, and the names of individuals on a call.
  • Record Keeping and Access: Firms can access recording and call level detail via the Cloud9 Customer Portal. Call Records can be maintained for five years or more as mandated by regulatory requirements.

Global Relay Integration

– Cloud9 currently supports integration with Global Relay for recording and archiving which can be managed from the Cloud9 Customer Portal. Customers looking to integrate their own  recording and archiving solution, see information on Vendor Integration below.

– Sends the recording files and information to Global Relay via SMTP protocol.

– Recordings are available for download the same day.

Cloud9 Nightly Download and Playback

– Daily call recordings can be downloaded nightly and archived on a firm’s own storage network. A downloader utility must be installed on the customer’s file server.

– Results of nightly download are a single day’s call records and associated voice recording files placed in a compressed (zip) folder.

– Administrators can also install the Cloud9 Playback tool on their desktop to decrypt and play back voice recordings.

Customer Hosted Recording

For all customer hosted recording options, Cloud9 can integrate with customer’s existing, on-premise systems for voice recording and analytics to deliver full call records and recordings.  The following features are available with this option:

– Cloud9 captures rich metadata that includes calling party, counterparty, the names of the individuals on the call, call start, call end, duration, and reference to call recording file name.

– On-premise option supports full compliance with individual firm’s security protocols.

-Supports storage of data in country of origin, maintaining data sovereignty.

-Call records are delivered immediately to firm for playback and review.

– Integration with Alarm Monitoring sends error log messages to notify firm of any issues with the recording process and the delivery of call records.

To learn more about the features of Cloud9, watch this quick overview.