Companies Are on the Hook for Cloud Safety

by | Nov 17, 2017 | News, Press Coverage, Security & Compliance

Companies Are on the Hook for Cloud Safety

Cloud9’s accomplishment of obtaining both our ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications was recently recognized in Institutional Investor as an industry best practice for security in the cloud. Institutional Investor Cloud Security

Read the full article by Jeffrey Kutler on Institutional Investor.

Kutler writes in the article:

“Cloud9 Technologies, which is using cloud systems to disrupt traditional approaches to trading-floor communications, obtained both the ISO 27001 certification (for information security management) and SOC 2. ‘It was a high bar for us,’ says Gerald Starr, chief executive officer of the three-year-old start-up. It sends a message that Cloud9 ‘aims high’ to instill users’ confidence in information protection.”

These certifications are a crucial show of credibility for fintech vendors, helping instill confidence in firms who are choosing to migrate their most sensitive data into the cloud. As the article points out, even though Cloud9 is using a highly secure and trusted cloud provider like Amazon Web Services, we are still responsible for creating infrastructures that protect the data of our customers as well as architecture for compliance. Achieving both the SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications – something no other trader voice communication provider holds – provides independent validation regarding our ability to protect the calls, voice recordings, call data, and business information that users entrust to Cloud9.

It’s a dangerous world out there for financial institutions, but the right partner can provide the best defense against security breaches.When considering a move to the cloud, it’s important for firms to take the time to find a trusted partner that is verified to protect them against cyber threats.

Read the article on Institutional Investor to learn more about how companies are working to secure the cloud. 

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