Introducing Cloud9 Analytic, Compliance and Interoperability Services

by | Oct 3, 2016 | News, Product Updates

Extend Cloud9 to improve your workflow and enhance compliance with our Cloud9 Connect services.  Cloud9 Connect is a series of services that will enable firms to use RESTful APIs to connect with third party systems of their choosing or a best-of-breed set of vendors.  The benefit of this service is that it will provide our customers with streamlined processes and deeper insight into their trading operations, including the integration of key compliance functions like call recording, surveillance, and trade reconstruction as well as market data.

Key areas that Cloud9 Connect will help facilitate integrations include:

Recording and Storage

Cloud9 already has dynamic recording capabilities, complete with secure recording of all call events and logs including the identity of the calling party, counterparty, call start and duration, and file name. In addition, we record events by user ID, not trading position, so calls can be tracked on a global basis. Currently, these files are stored Cloud9’s encrypted cloud environment, however some firms require this information to be kept on premise and we will make APIs available both for custom and best-of-breed vendor integration.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Cloud9 data and recordings are already backed up to the Amazon Web Services Cloud, however many firms require their solutions to address IT requirements for backup, disaster recovery, and archiving.  With Cloud9, you can use our REST API to backup and restore your data with whatever service your firm chooses.  Benefits include elimination of data loss, redundant data in the event of a disaster, and rapid recovery of your data.

Compliance and Trade Reconstruction

With Cloud9’s analytics API, call event metadata and voice recording data can now be transmitted in a real-time, reliable, and secure format within a firm’s own environment. Since Cloud9 already collects detailed call information, this data can be passed directly to a firm’s own analytics application or storage method, kept locally and managed by the customer.

Surveillance capabilities have become a new area of interest in the financial services community, as they were not possible with traditional telephony platforms. Cloud9 can establish APIs to third party systems that support biometrics, using voice properties to identify individuals and automatically monitor for compliance audits.

We will be able to establish real-time surveillance, in which any voice activity generates metadata and a file with details like call start and duration, user ID, counterparty ID, and connection ID. This information can be uploaded securely to the Cloud9 Portal for archiving and analytics or be redirected to a third-party surveillance system.

Voice Analytics

Transcription is becoming a popular topic for financial firms with the advent and improvement of voice-to-text technology. Cloud9 will be able to interface with applications that provide the most accurate voice-to-text transcription technology that will enable firms to search for keywords on calls. In addition, we will also introduce the capability to send out alerts based on certain keywords in transcriptions.  Cloud9 also features speaker separation, so that you can know who says what in a call – however you can integrate with other solutions that include emotion detection, biometrics, and more.

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