Multi-Channel Device Support: What You Need to Know

by | Sep 14, 2017 | News, Product Updates

With the release of Version 2.15, the C9 Trader now supports multiple audio devices.  With this enhanced version of traditional Dual Handset functionality, you can assign up to three audio devices to any connection type – shoutdown, ringdown, and Click to Call –  with the flexibility to switch to any device that best fits the interaction. 

The addition of this functionality affects a number of processes for the user, including setting up audio devices and conducting calls with the C9 Trader. 

Here are the top changes that you need to know when you log into Version 2.15 of your C9 Trader.

Setting Audio Devices

The Audio Devices menu now asks users to assign default audio devices to a specific connection type – shoutdown, ringdown, or Click to Call.  To set up:

  1. Using the dropdowns, choose the device you would like to use as your microphone/speaker device. Then assign the connection type for your Microphone/Speaker device:
    • The speaker icon corresponds to Shoutdowns.
    • The bell icon corresponds to Ringdowns.
    • The telephone icon corresponds to Click to Call.
  2. Select the connection type and assign a device for your Left Handset.
  3. If you would like to use a second handset or device, select Enable Additional Device, choose your connection type and assign a device as your Right Handset.


  • There are no separate audio settings in Click to Call. You now must choose your Click to Call audio settings in the main Audio Devices menu.
  • If you have two identical devices, your operating system will assign similar device names. To ensure that your devices are configured properly, click the play button to test and you will hear a chime from the device’s speaker.

Making a Call

After assigning a connection type to each device, you will now notice that an icon corresponding to the device you are using will appear in the upper right corner of each button.

Important Note: The C9 Trader no longer supports handset toggle while a call is active.

If you would like to temporarily override your default device choice for a certain connection type, you must do the following:

  • Pre-select the alternative device – Microphone, Left Handset, or Right Handset – from the left toolbar.
  • Click a button connection to initiate a call.
  • The pre-selected device type will display in the upper right-hand side of the connection.
  • Pre-selecting a device is only temporary – it does not change your default selections made in the Audio Devices Settings menu. The release button clears all active calls as well as device pre-selection.

Group Broadcast

A Group Broadcast uses the same default device that you selected for your shoutdowns. When a counterparty responds to your broadcast, you can take the call private by pre-selecting your left or right handset, and then select the counterparty.

Cloud9 Button Board

Multi-channel device is fully supported on the Cloud9 24 Button Board. Default device selections also can be overridden by pre-selecting a device using the button board. With the introduction of this feature there are several changes made to the functionality of the button board:

  • Default State of the Cloud9 Button Board: The right LED over the toggle button is lit in solid green to indicate that the button board is connected to the user’s computer.
  • Toggle Button and Toggle LED: Selecting the toggle button no longer toggles between microphone and handset. The toggle button is now a pre-select for the microphone.
  • Handset Button and Handset LED: Handset button can now be used to pre-select left or right handset prior to making a call. Selecting the handset button once pre-selects the left handset and twice pre-selects the right handset (if available).
  • Release Button: This button clears all active calls on the microphone and both handsets.

Like the C9 Trader UI, the Button Board also has an indication of the device being used on a call in the upper right hand corner of the button – “M” for Microphone, “L’ for Left Handset, and “R” for Right Handset.

For 8 and 16 Button Board Users

The Akai LPD8 (8 board) and Arturia Beatstep (16 button) button boards allow only shoutdowns to be made though a C9 Trader with Multi-Channel Device Support enabled. Ringdown calls are not supported on these button boards. In addition, functionality is limited to the following:

  • The handset toggle option now serves as a pre-select for the Left handset. You cannot toggle between microphone and handset during a call, and you cannot pre-select your Right Handset device.
  • You cannot pre-select a microphone during a call.

For more information, please see the Multi-Channel Device Support section on the Cloud9 Knowledge Base. As always, you can contact your Salesperson or our Cloud9 Helpdesk if you require any assistance with this release.