January 05, 2017
by Carly Kilgore

New Updates: Default to Device and Expanded Group Broadcasts

The latest Cloud9 update includes the option to default to a specified device on shout downs and additional support for group broadcasts.

Default to DeviceDefault to Device Updates
With Cloud9’s latest release you can now choose to default to your microphone or handset when responding to shout down calls. All incoming audio will be received on the speaker, and, if you would prefer to respond with a handset on these calls, you can also change the default setting using the radio buttons in the Audio Devices menu, as seen in the screenshot.

If you do not make a selection, your microphone will automatically be the default device. You can still toggle between your microphone and handset for individual calls at any time.

This applies only to shout downs, with no impact on group button functionality.

Expanded Group Broadcasts

The Group broadcast feature has been enhanced and can now support up to ten counterparties.  To create a group, navigate to Broadcast Groups in the Settings menu, and select your desired counterparties from the drop down lists.

To see the full list of features on the C9 Trader, watch this quick introduction to the platform.