Performance Alerts for Connectivity and Utilization Added to the C9 Trader

by | Nov 21, 2016 | News, Product Updates

New performance alerts now give C9 Trader users insight into factors that may affect their ability to use the platform. These notifications will indicate a user’s network conditions such as internet connectivity and UDP connectivity.

Internet Connectivity

The internet connectivity notification will alert users when internet connectivity conditions fall below an optimal range to support performance for the Cloud9.  A yellow icon in the top right corner of the C9 Trader indicates a network warning, triggered when internet availability is between 60-80%. A red icon indicates a network error, when availability is between 0-60%.

UDP Connectivity

When the user logs in, the client will initiate a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) loopback test to verify the connectivity to the Cloud9 STUN servers.  If the UDP loopback test fails, an error will be indicated on the login screen. In the event of any failure, the test will continue to try and establish a connection.

To learn more about the Cloud9 application, watch this quick overview.