Single Sign-On, Multi-Press, and Positional Audio Added to C9 Trader

by | May 3, 2017 | News, Product Updates

New updates have been added to the C9 Trader that support multi-press, positional audio, as well as single sign-on (SSO) for the entire Cloud9 platform, including the C9 Trader and Administrative Portal.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Supported for Cloud9

SSO is now supported across the Cloud9 platform, on both the C9 Trader and Portal.  This enables users to log in to the entire Cloud9 platform with the information of their firm’s own portal or systems.  The SSO feature is enabled from the Edit Firm tab in the Cloud9 portal. Once a firm is SSO enabled, all existing and new users will be able to log in using their SSO identity via a Cloud9 landing page, which will allow the user to choose to navigate to the Cloud9 Portal or C9 Trader.

This requires an onboarding process, so administrators must contact the Cloud9 Support team ( to integrate the metadata and credentials from the system of their choice.


The multi-press feature allows Cloud9 users to select shoutdown buttons to create an impromptu, dynamic group. This feature does not replace the pre-selected Group Broadcast buttons but provides a simple way to communicate with a group on the fly.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Application tab. Toggle the Multi-Press option on to use the multi-press functionality on your C9 Trader. Note that turning on multi-press will disable the ability to use an empty Group Broadcast button to create a dynamic group.

Positional Audio

C9 Trader users can now assign individual button audio to be transmitted from the left, center, or right speakers using the positional audio feature. This setting is available in the Community window in the “My Buttons” tab. By default, the buttons will be assigned to the left, center, and right for all users’ buttons.

To enable positional audio, both users and administrators will need to contact the Cloud9 Helpdesk at

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