Behind Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen’s Fintech Investments

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Press Coverage

Behind Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen’s Fintech Investments

by Dec 12, 2017Press Coverage

Read the original article by Serena Saitto in The Information.

The Information, an elite subscription-based technology news site, recently featured Cloud9 in a profile about the key strategic fintech investments made by Point72 Ventures. With a portfolio of companies that focus on future-forward methods and technologies such as SaaS, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, these investments all represent inside look into the future of trading for Point72 founder, Steve Cohen. 

As part of the Point72 portfolio, Cloud9 represents next-generation trading floor communications, backed by the power of our unmatched transcription services plus trader voice data and analytics, which has never been available before in the market.

As we continue to explore new technologies and expand into new asset classes, Point72 provides valuable assistance in opening doors for new clients and advice on how to further improve our products.

Saitto writes of Cloud9:

” ‘They are strategic investors that can enable network effect,’ Gerald Starr, co-founder and CEO of Cloud 9, said of his investors, which include Point72, Barclays and JPMorgan.

Mr. Starr’s New York-based software company has so far raised $30 million in financing. Its cloud-based applications cost as little as $200 a month and are disrupting the specialized market of high-priced phones designed for traders on Wall Street. So far established in the commodities market, Cloud 9 now aims to penetrate other securities markets and, Mr. Starr said, he hopes Point72 and his other strategic investors will help with that ambition.”

Read the original article by Serena Saitto on The Information.

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