Behind the Scenes with Cloud9: WebRTC Updates Support Cutting-Edge Performance

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Product Updates

Our highest priority at Cloud9 is providing traders and brokers with a reliable technology that addresses the needs of their unique communication environment. Financial professionals need a solution that always works and that cuts through the noise of a trading floor to ensure they are getting the most accurate information.

Behind the scenes, our Cloud9 engineers are constantly improving our audio capabilities and data transmission capabilities, so traders never have to worry about performance or being heard by their counterparties. Enhancements to our WebRTC code base in the areas of sound quality, data transmission speed and quality, and audio perception continue to solidify Cloud9 as a high-performance, cloud-based platform for traders.

Deals on a trading floor happen fast, so interruptions and poor sound quality can significantly disrupt a business deal.

Behind the scenes, our engineers have built a number of solutions into the C9 Trader platform to reduce latency, or the amount of time it takes from sound to get from one point to another, sharpen audio, account for variable network coverage, and make it easier for users to distinguish calls from multiple counterparties.

Sound Quality Updates

Along with recent updates to the sound quality capabilities of WebRTC, we’ve added our own audio processing to the platform, improving the intelligibility of speech and making significant advancements in noise reduction.  

With our dynamic filtering capability, we are able to transmit voice at a better quality by sharpening it and helping voice cut through a noisy environment. When receiving a call, this allows users to clearly hear their counterparties over background room noise when talking to single as well as multiple connections.

Improved Transmission Speed and Quality

Transmission updates can help your team account for the unexpected: poor internet connections, low bandwidth, and other network connectivity issues specific to your internet service.  We’ve added a number of updates to improve latency across geographic regions, as well as to address variable internet bandwith and mobility use scenarios.

Using the same process, we have been able to optimize Group Broadcast button communication. With this update traders are able to communicate to multiple counterparties with less chance of delay caused by a network overload.

Innovative Audio Perception

Making sure traders can distinguish between counterparties when they are speaking is key to improving productivity.  With our audio spatiality feature, traders are able to associate buttons on their C9 Trader with a physical speaker position, either left, center, or right. For example, when a counterparty with a button on the left side of the application speaks, their voice will be transmitted through the left speaker. By moving buttons around their screen, traders can easily customize which counterparties will be associated with each speaker.

Cloud9 has also implemented enhanced encryption on all voice connections, which is key for regulatory compliance in top financial institutions. For comparison, the WebRTC standard is 128 bit encryption, meaning that the audio transmitted through Cloud9 is exceptionally secure.