Introducing Enhanced Encryption and Cloud9 Playback Features

by | May 2, 2016 | Product Updates

Financial services firms deal with incredibly sensitive data, so security is often the top priority when assessing new technologies. As a communications platform for the financial industry, it is crucial for Cloud9 to maintain a secure and compliant service that allows firms to conduct business effectively.

The latest update to the C9 Trader application builds upon our robust security framework and gives firms a heightened level of security and control over their call recordings.

Cloud9 already offers multiple levels of encryption – at very basic level the voice recordings are secure in transit in HTTPS tunnel. They are then encrypted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) server where they are stored. In addition, the voice recordings can also be encrypted using Cloud9 KMS (Key Management System). This will encrypt the actual voice recordings as they are created at the client side and made available for the client to download.

We now also support encryption of the actual voice recordings using your organization’s HSM (Hardware Security Module). This allows firms to maintain their individual encryption key management system. Call records will still be available on a the Cloud9 administrative portal for viewing, but the Cloud9 Playback tool will be required to listen to encrypted recordings. The Cloud9 Playback will replace the Cloud9 Call Analyzer utility and will enable you to download and playback your recordings under the new security protocols.

These new security capabilities were put in place to enhance compliance measures, and provide a greater degree of security for call recordings. Under the new system unauthorized users, including Cloud9, will not be able to play back these encrypted voice recordings unless they have been given direct permission by the firm’s system administrators.

To implement these new security features contact Cloud9:

To learn more about the Cloud9 Trader App, watch this video.