The industry’s underlying
voice trading engine

Cloud9, the industry’s only true cloud-based, compliant voice trading platform, provides a solution that satisfies the demands of regulated users on and off the trading floor – offering more functionality and analytic insight than any other system. Designed to support a distributed workforce, users now have access to full voice trading functionality, call recording and fully encrypted trader voice services.

C9Trader Stratus

The new C9Trader Stratus interface combines both traditional turret functionality with new, innovative, and customizable features to deliver a unified user experience across both hardware and software interfaces. Traders can customize content to their unique requirements and complex workflows in a logical way – allowing them to instantly connect with any global trading partner – anywhere, anytime.

  • Open and interoperable with other services and applications through fully-featured open APIs and cross-community gateways
  • Rich call metadata and analytics allows you to analyze trade performance
  • Easy to set up and scale (up or down) SaaS model
  • Unlimited, instant connections without the need for traditional private lines
  • High-quality audio – you will not believe the difference until you try it
  • Secure surveillance and compliance with encrypted storage of recordings
  • Inherent BCP and mobility at no additional cost
C9Trader Stratus


With a full suite of voice trader capabilities, the CloudHub is a low-cost legacy replacement that provides an unrivaled audio experience, with key features such as a physical dial pad, audio device management and high-quality built-in audio speakers. The accessory hardware includes a high-quality microphone with an active call indicator light as well as support for two handsets.

  • Cloud9 Gooseneck Microphone – Noise-canceling, unidirectional gooseneck that connects to your computer soundcard or via USB port.
  • Cloud9 Handset – The Cloud9 handset has been designed specifically for enterprise trading floor environments. It can be ordered with noise-canceling push-to-talk or push-to-mute options.
  • Headset – Supports third party USB headsets

VDI Offerings

VDI offerings allow customers to use C9Trader Stratus in a virtual desktop hosted in their cloud infrastructure.

  • Support for users in the office, hot desking, on the road and at home – the same layout follows you wherever you go
  • C9Trader Stratus automatically detects its environment and adjusts its operating mode (between VDI office, VDI home, and standard modes) accordingly
  • VDI does not sacrifice any aspect of the rich Cloud9 feature set or high audio quality
  • Makes C9Trader Stratus available on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, and more
VDI Overview

Your competitive edge

Workflow Efficiency

Ability to prioritize calls and customize button displays enhances user workflow – enabling smarter, firm-wide decision-making.

Complete Flexibility

Work-from-anywhere capabilities with the industry’s only true unified, compliant and cloud-based voice solution.

Legacy Replacement

Full suite of voice trader capabilities means low-cost, easy-lift replacement of outdated, expensive on-site hardware.

Cost Savings

Reduce your communications costs by up to 50% by eliminating expensive private lines and desktop hardware.





Deploy as a simple, SaaS application and easily scale users up or down depending on business needs.

Cloud9 Community

The Cloud9 directory organizes trading partners by communities and asset class, so traders can seamlessly and immediately find and connect with new counterparties.

Centralized Management

Administrators can manage their users globally via a centralized portal – allowing them to provision connections, adjust user settings, view activity, and collect reporting.


Compliant for Multi-national Financial Services Firms



Compliant with all major regulatory mandates. Addresses the data storage, workflow, and trade reconstruction directives of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II with encrypted storage of recordings, rich call metadata + transcription, and surveillance capabilities like keyword spotting and speaker diarization.




Comprehensive suite of APIs power integrations with best-in-class data and analytics providers, enabling advanced compliance, trade reconstruction, and surveillance.

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